Tommy, the earrings are absolutely beautiful - Just what I wanted!! Thank you for your good eye, superb craft and artistry ---Nancy D... NYC

Tommy, thank you, thank you!!! They're beautiful, catch the light wonderfully and compliment the necklace without being too much. I love the asymmetry!! --- Mary N... NYC

Tommy, I really want to thank you again for the bracelet. It reminds me of the fond memories and great fun spent with my grandma!!! --- Andrea B... NYC

"I so enjoyed meeting you last night at the show. As you could clearly tell, I loved all your creations and am dying for a cuff ! I think my ring is so amazing....Love it love it !!!!! Thank you again ! --- N. Allen...Providence RI

Tommy, the cuff arrived early this morning. It is even more spectacular than I remembered. I'm so proud to have it in my collection. --- Rosalind D ...Dover, Delaware

Tommy...Thank you for making my bracelet. I purchased these buttons on a trip to Japan more than 40 years ago! I am so glad that we met you at the Rhinebeck show and finally found the perfect use for our purchase --- Elaine H...NYC

Tommy, we met at the Armonk Art Show. I bought the beautiful Parisian button pendant. My family saw it and fell in love with the design. I am sure I will enjoy this piece for a very long time. Keep up the beautiful work. --- Carol S...Armonk, NY

Your collection at this show was your best yet !! And one of the best ring collections I have ever seen at a juried show! --- PK...Lyndhurst Fall Show

Tommy, just received the bracelet for our anniversary and of course I love it. I will treasure it always. --- Frann A, Cambridge MA

I bought your beautiful green sea glass cuff at the Lyndhurst Crafts Fair. Looking forward to wearing my Mothers day gift for the first time --- Cynthia G, New Rochelle NY

When attending the Providence Flower show this past weekend, the last thing we expected to see was a jewelry booth crammed with so much extraordinary hand crafted jewelry that it was impossible to tear ourselves away. Anyone who appreciates art and your unique gift will see the incredible value in your creations. You have the ability to match the jewelry piece to a womans individual style and that is part of the wonderful experience that you offer to your clients. --- Susan C, Providence RI

I'm wearing the frosted glass with floral silver overlay bracelet in work today and have already received a number of compliments.....Not surprisingly others are as crazy about it as I am..I love my new prized possessions and thank you so much. --- Susan C, Providence RI

Hi Tommy, I met you and purchased a silver ring from you at last years Folk Festival in Newport Rhode Island. It has become one of my favorite pieces. I like the way it fits on my hand and the black and white pattern of the antique pottery piece goes with everything... --- Maria, Naples FL

Tom, I absolutely LOVE your work! I think the bracelets are unique and beautifully crafted and I want one!! --- Laurie T, New Cannan CT

Second Christmas with a Tommy Conch for my wife. Two for two, I'm batting 1000. --- John G, Westport CT

When I got home from the fair today, I wanted to email you right away! I have never done this before...And I go to all the park fairs in the area pretty consistently. But, I am so in love with my new jewelry from you! I can't wait to show it off. It's simply gorgeous! I am so impressed with your work. Not only that, but your customer service, personality ( the way you interact with your customers ) and passion about what you do are so impressive and pleasant to experience. Your mother is adorable as well. Anyway, I thought I'd give credit where it's due and let you know I'm a big fan. I am so excited to brag of my purchases...Thank you for everything. --- Erin, Brookdale Park NJ

Just received the necklace today....It's perfect!!! Will wear it tomorrow to start showing it off! --- Karen H, Tarrytown NY

Tommy, ring came today, beautiful, absolutely love it. It was worth the wait. --- Gina C, Haddonfield NJ

Tommy, I came to your booth this evening and purchased one of your amazing unique bracelets. I was the woman who asked you to hold it and that I would return by the end of the evening. I couldn't wait! I thought about your special one of a kind pieces and said to myself don't wait, go back. You certainly were blessed with an amazing talent. I am grateful to have met you this evening. --- Jennifer P, Norwalk CT

Tommy, I got my bracelet today...Absolutely love it, your work is phenomenal. --- Janet C, Bridgeport CT

Wearing a piece of Tommy Conch jewelry is really wearing a very beautiful piece of art. From the moment I saw your stand, I couldn't walk away without something...Truly love my bracelet and very much appreciate Tommy's help with sizing...Keep up the great work! --- Nancy D, Doylestown PA

If my house caught on fire, the first thing I'm grabbing on my way out is my Tommy Conch bracelet --- Ashleigh G, Philadelphia PA

Tommy, I totally love my pendant!! Thank you so much! The design and workmanship is perfect; I enjoy wearing it --- Karen M, Bridgeport CT

The ring just arrived..It's beautiful, I love it --- Judy B, Scarsdale NY

Hi Tommy...Just wanted to let you know that the pendant you made for me just arrived...I am VERY pleased with the results..It was just as we discussed. I was even impressed with the packaging!!! --- Sharon T, Brookdale Park NJ

Love the new piece, love, love, love, love it. Thank you for making such beautiful wearable art --- Jackie R, Paramus NJ

For ONCE I bought my daughter in law something she LOVED! --- Joan F, Longbranch NJ

Every time I wear my bracelet, ( which is almost everyday), someone will comment on it and ask where I got it. I can't wait to catch up with you to purchase another --- Lori G, Windham NH

Tom, meeting you was one of the best parts of the Quechee Balloon Festival!!!! I still think about the supreme beauty and originality and fine craftsmanship of your jewelry and I am determined to own at least one of your pieces one day! I just love your work. --- Susi P, Quechee VT

I love my new bracelet! I have worn it every day since we bought it and believe I will be wearing it A LOT! You left one very happy customer here in Mystic. --- Cindy F, Mystic CT

Tommy, mom loves the bracelet. She has not taken it off. Thank you! --- Jessica H, Long Branch NJ

I purchased a cuff from you at the Lyndhurst Festival. I absolutely love wearing it. --- Jacqueline R, Ardsley NY

Tom, we were totally amazed at your presentation. In all our purchases of jewelry neither she or I have ever received something as unique as yours. The idea of having a box lined with something to prevent tarnishing and a polishing cloth was so very thoughtful. We have purchased expensive pieces of sterling and never have they been packaged as yours. I have some Native American bracelets that sit in brown boxes with cotton and are totally black and hard to clean. We both agree you are a class act. She said you did not make her day-"you made her year"!! --- J.B.P, Hastings on Hudson NY

Hi Tommy! I met you at Lyndhurst this past weekend and you put a wonderful carved bone cat bracelet on my wrist -- of course it had to come home with me. I have worn it every day since and get compliment after compliment on it. Thank you *so much* ! --- Lysa H, New York City NY

Tommy...You have no idea how happy my friend Ruth was when she received the bracelet...She works very hard and does very little for herself.. She never treats herself to nice things, you made her so very happy...Thank you --- Eunice P, Scarsdale NY

Now when I look at jewelry, I have a different eye...I Think, Puh! That is not creative or unique like a Tommy Conch..You ruined me --- Theresa G, Rhinebeck NY

I absolutely love your bracelets. --- Amy S, Long Branch NJ

I continue to love my bracelet and we just gave Peter's sister hers...She loved it...Should have kept it for myself... --- Emese and Peter L, Milford CT

My bracelet gets compliments every time I wear it! Thank you Tommy Conch for a beautiful piece of "arm candy"! --- Suzie A, New York City NY

Tommy, I was in New York and happened to stumble upon the upper west side crafts market. I bought one of your beautiful depression glass rings and just wanted to let you know how much joy it brings me. I wear it everyday and I constantly receive compliments and questions from people admiring it. It has become a part of me. Thank you for your artistry...
---Donna H. Sydney, Australia